Kintsugi Experience in Tokyo

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Kintsugi Experience in Tokyo


Kintsugi Master Showzi Tsukamoto


kintsugi. showzi


kintsugi workshop in Tokyo



2 Day workshop


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Kintsugi .Golden Joinery







Basics of Kintsugi


While it usually takes more than a month to finish a kintsugi piece, Showzi has developed this lesson so we can experience the craftsmanship in the space of an afternoon. On day 1, we'll meet at Showzi`s studio and you'll experience hand in hand the basics of repairing ceramics using Japanese lacquer, Urushi, with traditional techniques and methods. He'll also share with you the rich history and philosophy of Kintsugi.


 Coffee or tea 󲀃


Ceramic cup & Tools 󳀁


All necessary tools are provided. Includes ceramic cup which you`ll take home at the end powdered with 100 USD worth of gold.


Japanese lacquer can cause allergic reactions if touched directly. We'll be wearing rubber gloves, but please let us know if you'd like to be provided with an alternative adhesive substance.


We will meet at Showzi's studio, Kintsugi Souke, where he works and teaches the art of Kintsugi. It's a very easy access from Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.


 Powder it with pure gold


 Basics of Kintsugi


On day 2, we will continue working with our piece and apply "maki-e", using Japanese lacquer and 24-karat gold powder. This will be an exciting but delicate process so Showzi will guide you step by step


Finishing Touches & Tea


We'll work on the final touches and while our pieces bake again for the last time, Showzi will perform a Japanese tea ceremony where you`ll get to experience drinking Matcha from beautiful tea bowls that Showzi has done kintsugi himself. We will also cook and enjoy eating Japanese noodles and drink Japanese sake together using finished Kintsugi pieces. It'll be a great opportunity to ask and learn more in depth about the art of Kintsugi. By the end of the day, we'll each take home a finished piece of beautiful kintsugi pottery.


Japanese noodles 󴀁


Will be cooking japanese wheat noodles. If you have any allergies please let us know.


Matcha & Green Tea & Sake 󲀃


Two different types of Japanese tea.


Ceramic cups and Tools 󳀁


You'll be taking home a beautiful kintsugi pottery (about $100 worth)


Japanese snack, Wagashi 󴀁


Seasonal Japanese sweets.


 1 Day workshop


Airbnb experiences  kintsugi


Kintsugi in 1 Day



I'm an award-winning artist who has been practicing the traditional Japanese craft of kintsugi since 1972. My pieces have been exhibited in Paris and other international cities.




While it usually takes more than a month to finish a kintsugi piece, Showzi has developed this lesson so we can experience the craftsmanship in the space of an afternoon. At Showzi's workshop, he will guide us through applying lacquer and 24-karat gold powder using the traditional techniques and methods. At the end, you will get to take home your own Kintsugi piece.


 金継ぎ教室 金継宗家 きんつぎそうけ


 金継宗家では、流儀の蒔絵(makie) の技術による正統な金継ぎを後世に伝承していく為に金継教室を開講しています。

金継宗家 03−5982−2607



Showzi TsukamotoKintsugi アルジャジーラ放送AJ+ ヴィデオ映像です。

Facebookの動画 Finding Beauty in What’s Broken を検索してご覧ください。 




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